Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering. Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering.

Wedding Ring Metal Options

Metal Options

High up on the to-do list will be picking your choice of metal. The colour + alloy you choose will effect the finished look + price of your ring so it's an important decision to make. 

There are a wide variety of metals that are suitable for wedding rings, so read on to learn about the options + their differences.


Platinum is the most popular metal choice for wedding rings + historically has also been the most expensive. Rising gold prices + relatively low platinum prices has closed the gap, making platinum a particularly attractive option.

Platinum is naturally lustrous + silvery white in colour. Platinum is very white + requires very little maintenance as it is resistant corrosion + tarnish. 95% pure, hypoallergenic + durable, platinum is the premium white metal choice. 

White Gold

With a similar silvery white appearance to platinum, white gold is another very popular metal choice. Unlike platinum, white gold is rhodium plated to boost the bright white colour. It is important to note that white gold is not yellow gold plated white + is an entirely different alloy. White gold generally has a warm white appearance without plating + will require regular re-plating if you wish to maintain the icy white colour of your new ring. 

There is currently little difference between the price of platinum + 18ct white gold, however re-plating your ring over the years is likely to accrue more cost in the long run. 

Yellow Gold

Warm + rich in colour, 18ct yellow gold has a beautiful lustre + is an excellent, timeless choice. Easy to maintain + durable, you really can't go wrong with yellow gold. 

Rose Gold

Rose golds soft + flattering blush-pink tones have made it a very popular choice for engagement + wedding jewellery in recent years. An alloy of gold + copper, rose gold is a strong, durable choice that is easy to maintain. 

Argentium Silver

Argentium is a superior, high performance silver that is purer than Sterling silver. It has an increased resistance to tarnish, is whiter + has anti-bacterial + hypoallergenic properties making it suitable for even sensitive skin. Agentium can also be fused to other precious metals making it a popualar option in our bi-colour rings. Argentium is the cheapest of our white metal options + is worth considering if the other white metals are pushing your budget a little too far.

We do not make any of our diamond set styles in Argentium.