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How To Buy an Engagement Ring

At Emma Greetham Fine Jewellery, we're committed to making what can seem like a daunting process easy + most importantly, enjoyable for you. 

Use our comprehensive Guides to learn how to buy an engagement ring.

Set a Budget

We encourage you to think carefully about your budget fairly early on in your journey. Knowing your limits + having a rough idea of what you would like to spend will help you whittle down the options + help us work with you to find or create a perfect piece that you know you can afford.

Learn more about how to set + maximise your budget in our 'Setting A Budget' Guide

Choosing a Style

With so many ring styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. You may have come across lots of jewellery terminology in your search for the perfect ring, but do you know your Solitaire's from your Trilogy's? And what is the difference between claw setting + rubover?

Use our handy 'Ring Styles' guide to learn more.

Metal Options

High up on the to-do list will be picking your choice of metal. The colour + alloy you choose will effect the finished look + price of your ring so it's an important decision to make.

Learn about your options in our 'Metal Options' guide.

The 4C's

To get the perfect diamond for you, there are several factors to consider. The 4C's are the four main characteristics that will help you determine the quality (+ price) of a diamond.

Read our 'Understanding the 4Cs' Guide to learn more.

Book an Appointment

The best way to choose an engagement ring is by viewing a selection of stones + settings at a private appointment.

To get started book a free virtual consultation with Emma for expert, tailored advice in the comfort of your own home + start creating your dream ring today.