Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering. Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering.

Ring Styles

Choosing Between Ring Styles

One of the many advantages of buying jewellery from an independent jeweller is the huge selection of ring styles you will have access to. All of our rings are made-to-order, so if you can't find exactly what you are looking for on our website, we can work with you to create something especially for you. 

With so many different setting styles to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when you start looking at styles + how will you know which style is the right one for you or your loved one?

Read our handy Style Guide to learn about the most popular engagement ring styles.


A classic solitaire is timeless and makes your diamond the main event. Solitaires feature one diamond + are the most popular style of engagement ring. The most traditional solitaires have plain bands + claw settings. The number + style of claws can vary depending on the size + shape of your diamond + can alter the overall look of a solitaire significantly.


Halo settings add a circle of diamonds around the main stone + are a  very popular style choice. The delicate halo surround will make your main diamond look bigger + is most popular on round + oval shape stones. Fancy even more sparkle? Why not opt for diamond set shoulders to compliment the halo surround for extra dazzle. 

Diamond Set Shoulders

The diamond set band is a beautiful way to compliment any centre stone. All our melee diamonds are perfectly calibrated for size, colour, clarity + cut to ensure maximum sparkle. 

Fancy Shape Diamonds

Fancy something a little different? Whether you like the art deco style emerald cut, the crisp lines of a princess cut or the romance of a heart shape, a fancy shape diamond is a beautiful + unique alternative to the classic round brilliant cut. 


Designed to celebrate your past, present + future, three-stone rings are a dazzling alternative when you're looking for a real show stopper. Add a splash of colour, mix + match fancy diamond shapes or keep it clean + simple. The choice is yours..