Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering. Some of our jewellery is made to order. Please check delivery times carefully before ordering.

Setting A Budget

Set a Budget That Works For You

We encourage you to think carefully about your budget fairly early on in your journey. Knowing your limits + having a rough idea of what you would like to spend will help you whittle down the options + help us work with you to find or create a perfect piece that you know you can afford.

You may have heard some of the myths about how much you should spend on a engagement ring - these range anywhere from one to six months salary. The truth is, this is purely clever advertising dreamt up many years ago to boost the sales of diamonds. 

There are no rules about how much you should spend + we work with the philosophy that you should buy the best that you can afford. This doesn't mean spending the most that you can afford. The focus is on quality + value for money. 

Think carefully about how much you would like to spend + we can help you spend it wisely. 

Maximise Your Budget

Now that you have set your budget the fun can begin. It's time to start working on designs + consider how you want to spend your money. If you want to maximise your budget, there are several clever tweaks + design options to consider.

Metal Options

Platinum is one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings, and for good reason. The icy white colour looks amazing with crisp white diamonds + is a long-wearing option. However, it is also the most expensive metal on offer, although the price difference between platinum + 18ct white or yellow gold is a lot less than it used to be. You may want to consider 9ct gold as an alternative in flattering rose or classic yellow to free up more of your budget for the diamonds.

Learn more about the precious metals we offer in our 'Metal Options' Guide 

Multi Stone Rings

Diamond prices rise exponentially - one big stone will cost you considerably more than a collection of smaller ones. Why not think about designing a ring that features multiple gemstones such a trilogy, halo or cluster style?

Fancy Cuts

Round brilliant cut diamonds are by far the most popular choice for engagement rings, but fancy shaped diamonds such as oval, marquise + emerald cuts often cost considerably less. Why not go for something a little more unusual + boost the size or quality of your diamond at the same time.

Under-weight Stones

Diamonds are weighed in carats + each carat is made up of 100 points. Popular weights are 0.25ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct,1ct,1.50ct etc.+ diamond prices jump when a stone hits each key weight band. It is possible to find diamonds that weight slightly less than these standard cut-off weights, and these are often very good value for money. For example a 0.90ct diamond will cost you far less than a comparable 1ct stone + the size difference will be barely noticeable.  


An engagement ring doesn't need to be all diamond or even have any diamonds at all. Coloured gemstones are a great way to add personality + individuality to any piece of jewellery. We can source unique + unusual stones to help you create your dream ring

Ask The Experts

An engagement ring is likely to be the most important piece of jewellery you will ever buy, so when you are ready to start your journey, we are here to help. Whether your budget is conservative or larger, we can provide expert knowledge + advice to guide you through the process of designing a beautiful engagement ring that your partner will fall in love with.  

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